The Heiska Farm

Heiskas farm (100 hectares) belongs to the oldest ones in the region. The main house was built in 1878, but the official family history extends to the year 1725.

A famous artist, Jonas Heiska (1873-1937) was born and lived in the farm where he also had his atelier. He decorated the wallpapers of the atelier with paintings of the forest. They have been carefully renovated and can be seen during a guided tour of the home museum. Jonas Heiska won a state award in 1909.

The farm is situated in a beautiful landscape shaped by fields, forests and lakes. Today, instead of traditional farming, Mrs. Kristiina Heiska and her brother Mr. Matti Heiska are entrepreneurs in farm tourism.

In the summer (from 15.6. to 15.8. and longer if it is not too cold) the old granaries are opened to accommodate tourists in a traditional style. There is no central heating in the rooms (some with option for radiator) but they have electricity and good beds. A hearty breakfast is included in the price. Shovers and bathrooms are in a neighbouring house.
The Heiska main house is nowadays a home museum. During a guided tour (in finnish or english) you can see how people lived in the farm long time ago and hear interesting stories about the family history. Local handicraft can be bought in the museum.

An open-air bar-cafe is open from 1. july to 15. august, tuesday-sunday at 11-21 o’clock. Warm meals are served in the farm restaurant (please book in advance).

There are many different ways of enjoying your time in the farm. Nearby, there is a small beach, a normal sauna and a traditional smoke sauna. You can also fish with a hook and line or visit a ceramic workshop in the neighbourhood or just enjoy the surronding nature. In the farm there are a few domestic animals (sheep and rabbits). For those who wish to go downtown, Jyväskylä is at 20 minutes drive with a wide selection of shops, culture and sports.

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